• Council of Europe: Coordinating an group of experts to elaborate a strategy input for civil participation in democratic decision-making in Ukraine.
  • Alternative Bank Switzerland: Impact evaluation of the renewable energies sector using the Appreciative Inquiry method.


  • Nuri Umed Tajikistan: Leadership development of a female led NGO according to the Presencing methodology.
  • GIZ Tajikistan: Leading an expert team for a identification and planning mission of a program me on drinking water and irrigation construction and rehabilitation in Tajikistan.
  • ACTED Tajikistan: Objective Oriented Participatory Planning of an EU-project on social inclusion.
  • UNDP Macedonia: Best practice and lessons learned assessment and follow-up workshop using the Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space methods in a view to better integrating a human rights based approach in operational projects.
  • Coalition “All for fair trials” Macedonia: Accompanying the establishment of a countrywide trial observation network.
  • yep! youth environment participation in partnership projects: Co-creation of vision, mission and principles of a youth environmental development organization.